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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Emotional Driver – Employee Engagement – Business Profit Formula

Hello, My name is Yulia Reinshmidt. I'm a CEO at CastEffect, Business Filming Method.

I want to present you with a successfully implemented and tested method to raise your financial and organizational results – Business Filming.

Business Filming method is all about implementation and upgrade of existing methods and knowledge in the organizations: improving sales, customer service and management results and make more financial incomes – make more money.

One way we do it is by identifying the emotional driver that makes people to perform effectively in the organization. This emotional driver is one of the big secrets a company may make a real positive difference in its financial results and make more money.

This is the formula:

Emotional driver for better performance brings to better employee engagement. Employee engagement drives higher profit to the business.

Emotional employee engagement = higher profit to the business:

There are many recent researches and reports on this issue. One of them, the Gallup Q12 Meta-Analysis showed a study of 23,910 business units compared top quartile and bottom quartile engagement scores and found that those in the top quartile averaged 12% higher profitability.

So, how do we identify the emotional driver? Here are the initial steps:
There are 2 powerful tools we can use:
1. Visualization
2. Creative writing
These are tools that scriptwriters use to create an entire new world of content for their masterpiece.

Try visualizing and imagining your employee at his workplace:
1. How does he appear to work every day?
2. Does he choose to stay alone ("a lone rider") or contact his team members ("team player")?
3. Is he active in your team meetings?
4. How does he behave when meeting his direct manager?
5. Is he dedicated to his missions and tasks?
6. How does he manage his time schedule?

Think about:
• His mood,
• His concerns,
• His dilemmas,
• His behavior when he's confused.

Explore his drivers and motivators:
What is he looking for to achieve as a personal success: Self fulfillment? Power? Control? Recognition? Friendly environment?
Ignore the financial reward part: as most of the researches prove, people will stay at their workplace if they feel happy and satisfied due to their contribution and personal impact on significant decisions.
Arrange enough time in your busy schedule for this imaginary tour – this will be worthwhile for you!

Creative writing:
Once you're able to imagine in details the situation, take a pen and write (actually write, don't type, no computers here!!) an imaginary dialogue between you and your employee.
Think about explorative questions you'll use. These are the questions you'll need in order to understand your employee's needs and motivators. Think about possible answers, and how you'll react to them.
Finally, find a friend, colleague, family member or any other person and exercise.
Do that at least 5 times, until you feel that you actually have already been at this meeting.
Schedule a meeting with your employee – don't wait until annual feedback and appreciation meetings occur.

Now you are in the way to identify the emotional driver for performance. This is your chance to grow your profit through your committed people.

I started here to present you with a successfully implemented and tested method to raise your financial and organizational results – Business Filming.

As our potential customer, we offer you to pay us our basic expenses,
and the rest - from your success.

Join us!

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